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About Sohan

Sohan a brittle sweets Iran. These products have been popular in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Sohan baked in central Iran. The sweetness of the egg, cardamom, rose water, flour, wheat germ, cooked saffron and pistachio and almond powder.

Sohan has a sweet taste is crisp. Iran’s daily production is 20 tons Sohan. These products are generally produced in several forms.

We prepare here Sohan as plate form in kinds of packaging.

Properties of Iranian Sohan

There are actually many types of sohan candy, but by now you know that this Persian saffron brittle is no regular candy… It’s so much more than just regular boiled sugar but it’s hard to describe how the butter, sugar, saffron and nuts come together in this incredibly rich and delicious sweet. You have to just try it to find out.

This product has a lot of protein due to its wheat germ and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B and E, and calms the nerves and mind. Most importantly, the wheat germ in this product due to its natural sugars causes energy storage. It builds muscle and improves muscle function and prevents fatigue and lethargy. Butter or vegetable oils are used to make sohan.

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Know the benefits of sohan

1- Do not cause depression, lower blood cholesterol and improve heart function are among the benefits of saffron in Sohan.

2 - Vitamins in wheat germ such as vitamins B, E, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, selenium, magnesium can eliminate dandruff, prevent hair loss, improve skin problems and prevent cancer.

3- Egg yolk contains a lot of protein that strengthens bones and improves the function of the body's nerves.

4- Cardamom is one of the fragrant spices that prevents stress and anxiety.

5- The presence of high potassium in pistachios causes vitality, prevents cancer and heart attack.

There are about 550 kcal per 100 grams of sohan and there are about 20 grams of calories in each piece of this halva. Contrary to popular belief, sohan consumption is not harmful during pregnancy and pregnant mothers can benefit from the properties of this halva. Continued daily use of sohan causes weight gain.